My Hobbies, My Passion, My Life

I find guns interesting and useful at the same time. That’s why collecting handguns and other legal powerful weapons has become a hobby too. Aside from target shooting for fun and sports, going on hunting escapades is really exciting too. When I go out with friends to hunt for wild animals, we always come out victorious and fulfilled as we carry the animals home and have a stock of fresh meat for a long time. The whole experience is really fascinating too, as there are always unexpected things that can happen when you go on an outdoor adventure.

Even when I was a kid, I was always fascinated with target shooting. I had toy pellet guns and I’d use cans as targets. My dad used to say that I seem to have a natural talent for shooting since hitting the cans even at a great distance seems to be quite easy for me.

As with all boys growing up, I also played with darts. In fact, we still have a dart board at home and I’m still playing with darts; this time, with my own children. And they’re really good at it too; I think they got their skills from me.

I am also into archery, which works quite similar to a dart game, only more complex. With darts, you only need to throw these small devices with pointed tips to hit the target; but with archery, you need bow and arrows to effectively hit your target.

I think archery is just as exciting and interesting as shooting and maintaining guns. First of all, the equipment requires proper handling in order for it to function properly. And this weapon is very sensitive and dangerous too, as it can wound and kill people. It is for this reason why archery shouldn’t be taken lightly; and one should allow himself to be properly trained first before actually using such a powerful weapon.

As with using guns, archery should also be practiced regularly in order to maintain one’s shooting accuracy. I never go for a whole month without practicing target shooting which involves my guns and archery equipment. It just keeps me sharp all the time; and handling the weapons becomes very comfortable and natural too. It’s like the weapons are a part of my body and I get to use them instinctively when I have to.

To harness my skills, I make it a point that I always have a good type of target for my practice sessions. Using the top archery target on the market also helps a lot as these can polish one’s skills effectively. I always check out review sites for such types of products so that I can compare features, prices, as well as product reviews from customers. I was redirected to when I did a search on and I found a reasonably priced target there.

Even if I’m budget conscious, I always make it a point that I get to purchase high quality products. This way, the item will surely last for a long time and I won’t have to buy a new target again and again. The last time I bought something, I spent about a hundred dollars for an archery target; but it lasted for many many years. That makes it well worth the price and a good investment in harnessing my archery skills as well.

Excitement Over My New Aluminum Gun Case

I just love guns. And we all know that firearms serve for a lot of purposes like self defense, hobby, and even entertainment purposes. In my case, however, I really value this type of weapon for safety. You know how dangerous it is these days; and having a gun by my side gives me peace of mind.

Well, I got a new gun case recently and it looks really gorgeous. It’s made of aluminum so you can already imagine how beautiful and tough it is. And I know I said that my guns are mainly used for safety purposes, but there’s nothing wrong with feeling all excited about its case, too, right? In fact, I got so excited with my purchase that I already got the best aluminum polish that I can find for it.

Hey, I got quite an expensive product here, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping it in tip top condition. Polishers and cleansers are not only meant for making things shiny and looking new, you know; it can actually make metal items more long lasting as it also serves as a cleansing tool too. So pardon my excitement, if you will, but I just find my new gun case simply amazing.

By the way, I also have a gun safe at home; but as all gun owners know, a gun safe is different from a gun case although both can serve similar purposes. With both types of products, guns can be kept safe from children and thieves. Surely, you wouldn’t want your kids to have access to your guns. We’ve all heard about careless safekeeping of guns that led to accidental shootings and other mishaps. No, I don’t want to expose my family to that. And I’m sure you feel the same way too.

And then there’s also the problem with thieves; well, it would be good to anticipate this problem, to say the least. So I’m thinking that if ever a thief gets to enter my house, he shouldn’t be able to access my guns easily. The reason for this is that the criminal could either steal my treasured possessions or use the weapons against me and my family. A gun safe or a gun case can lessen those risks; as long as one has a secured type of safe or case.

So again, let me just say that I am very happy with my gun case. In fact, it has been with me for a whole month now and I still look at it with admiration. At this point, it still looks good and shiny; but I have already polished it once. Call me obsessive, but I already told you that it’s not just for aesthetic reasons why I do this as it also preserves the unit. I used a Simichrome brand and I believe it’s considered to be the top aluminum polish by a lot of people because I have seen a lot of good reviews about it. That’s why I bought it. And it produced a great result as far as I can see.

So I don’t think my excitement over my new gun case will subside anytime soon. My wife is actually a little jealous of it. I can’t understand it though, since I only keep my gun case under the bed. Women, go figure.

Reasons a pellet gun should receive regular maintenance

I decided that I’m going to go off the beaten track for an article today. You all know that I own several rifles and hand guns and regularly maintain them. Yes, firearms need regular maintenance because of the possibility of them potentially becoming broken or, even worse, misfiring and causing injuries. A question that I’ve received a few times that I would like to answer today is: “Should I maintain pellet guns the same way as normal firearms?”. The answer to that question is a resounding YES. There are a few reasons that you should treat these as you would any other firearm: collectible value, performance, and safety.

First of all, pellet guns are just as collectible as a regular firearm. The original five as far as airgun companies were Daisy, Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, and HyScore. Daisy, for example, produced an 1888 model, it’s first, and because less than 1000 were made, one rare variation sold for over $10,000. Now that definitely gives me a reason to make sure that I keep my pellet guns maintained in tip-top shape. Next, we have Benjamin, one of the most popular brands of air rifles. While there are several very collectible models from this reputable company, the one that stands out the most is the 1902 Model. Unlike the Daisy, there are still several models that can be found in the open market. There’s also a modern model available, the Model 87 Centennial model, which is a serial number collectible gun. Both of these are highly collectible guns. You can find and search for many other modern models using the resource at Pellet gun reviews, and many other great sources of information can be found there.

The second reason that you want to continue to maintain your air guns is to keep them in top performing shape. There are three main uses for air pistols and rifles: hunting, plinking, and competition shooting. While you may not use your gun for all three of these, each of them still require the gun to be maintained so that you’re able to shoot accurately, and will be able to fully enjoy the experience. For example, one day I decided to take one of my pellet guns out to the back where I had several spinner targets set up, and wanted to plink for a bit of time just to blow off some steam. I hadn’t really maintained this gun much since I didn’t use it very often, and I was horribly in-accurate. This experience actually frustrated me even more instead of it being an avenue of relaxation. For hunting, and competition, it becomes extremely important because you need the accuracy and full power of the gun in order to complete both successfully. For example, can you imagine how you would feel if you were to go hunt some deer, and your hollow point pellets just bounce off the target. This is a definitely possibility if you don’t regularly clean the chamber. Unlike regular firearms where devastating force can be had with minimal build up. When you have a finite amount of power available, it can be much more of a detriment.

Finally, there is the issue of safety. Yes, air rifles are more safe than regular rifles, but that does not mean they aren’t still dangerous. Whenever you’re shooting steel or lead projectiles at a high rate, you want to exhibit the most safety that you are able to. So for that reason, you want to make sure that the gun is taken apart and cleaned regularly. If not, it’s entirely possible that enough buildup could be in the shooting chamber to where if you go to shoot, the pressure built up that should be used to project the ammo could possible blow up in your face. When you’re dealing with compressed air such as CO2, you need to make sure you take caution because accidents from canisters blowing up can be very devastating.

Steps to keep your gun collection in top shape

cleaning-a-pistolCleaning a gun is perhaps the single most important thing anyone can do with their weapon. Even if the collector has personal weapons that they have a license to carry, the guns must be taken care of to ensure that they will work properly and look great at the same time. The action on a firearm that is regularly in use is effected by firing, and care must be taken to remove gun powder residue to ensure the gun fires properly every time. You don’t necessarily need to be a master gunsmith in order to clean your gun.

However, a gun collector who keeps vintage guns as valuables must still keep their weapons clean in order to maintain their high value. Without the weapons being properly maintained, it is hard to get what they are really worth if they are to be sold.

The metal work on guns must always be cared for to make sure that it does not rust or corrode over time. In fact, the metal on most guns comes into contact with moisture frequently, but that moisture is often hard to see. Keeping the gun dry and in locked storage will help to ensure that the metal is always in good condition regardless of how old the gun is. It’s important that if you do have a storage container such as a gun safe, you install a dehumidifier to make sure no moisture is present to rust the metal.

If the gun has leftover residue and rust from a previous owner, it is wise to clear off all of that sediment before putting the gun up for display or in storage.

The woodwork on a gun can be even more vulnerable to humidity and temperature changes. Wood cracks easily when the temperature is constantly changing. This means that the gun must be cleared of all moisture, mold and mildew before it is stored or displayed. When woodwork has been engraved or embossed, the small cracks in that engraving or embossing can hold onto moisture and allow the gun to form new mold or simply crack slowly over time. It’s best to store firearms in a controlled temperature environment which means that you don’t want to store these in an unheated garage or basement as the cold or extreme warm temperatures could cause irrepairable damage.

Keeping up the value of the gun also requires ensuring that it remains looking good. This means that the gun must be cleaned periodically to ensure that it is always going to look good. Also, the gun must be test fired on occasion, if possible, to ensure that it still works properly. A gun that is very old and still fires is worth much more money than a gun that is a relic but does not operate properly. There are even people who do wild west gun shows and trick shooting who prefer to use vintage guns. However, those guns have to be in good condition for them to be of any value.

Keeping a gun clean is a matter of getting at every little nook and cranny to ensure that the weapon is not at all corrupted in any way. All of the metal and wood work must be cleaned regularly to prevent rust and mold. Also, the gun must be kept in a dry and cool storage space that will allow the weapon to remain dry over time. Most importantly, you will need to learn the skills required to clean your gun without doing harm to it or causing a potential issue while firing it once it’s back together.

When collecting guns or preparing a gun for sale, remember to clean it thoroughly to ensure that the sale value is as high as anticipated.

Changing out a scope on an AR15

ar15-scope-w-dot-sightThe AR15 is one of the most popular rifles on the market, selling in the thousands every year with its versatility and high quality. One of the most important parts of a gun, especially the AR15 is the scope. There are many different scopes available for the rifle depending on what you intend to use it for. There are hunting scopes, target practice scopes and even self defense scopes.

When you have made the decision to change the scope on your AR15 you will need to know how to change out a scope on your rifle, without damaging the scope and the stock. Follow these simple steps and you will have no issues:

Step 1 - Get together the equipment you will need, a screwdriver, an allen wrench, and the new scope, scope base and mounting rings.

Step 2 - Hold the rifle in the position you use when you are taking aim, make sure it is comfortable. Note this position so you can mount the scope in a way that is complimentary to your posture.

Step 3 – Remove the old scope carefully by unscrewing it from the base and removing it carefully from the gun.

Step 4 – Once you have completely removed the old scope you can begin installing the new one. Begin by applying a light layer of oil to the receiver on the rifle, as well as to the bottom of the rings and the bottom of the base.

Step 5 – Making sure you follow the instructions of the scope, attach the base of the scope to the rifle receiver, then attach the mounting rings to the base, making sure that all connections are secured tightly and securely.

Step 6 – Now it is time to make sure that you have set up the scope correctly. Take your AR15 rifle to somewhere you can set up a target, either a shooting range or anywhere where you can get a target set up about 25 yards (22.9 meters) away from you.

Step 7 – Remove the bolt from your AR15 and install a bore sighter in the muzzle. Look down the bore and adjust the scope to its highest magnification and then place it on the bottom half of the mounting rings.

Step 8 – Fit the top rings over the scope, securing loosely so that you can adjust the position of the scope. If the scope’s recticle can be positioned to the center of the bore sighter’s recticle without any tweaking you have successfully installed the new scope.

Step 9 – If the scope’s recticle cannot be positioned to the center of the bore sighter’s recitle then you will need to change the scope installation. You will need to change the position of the mounting rings, you can do this using the scope’s knobs or screws. Keep adjusting until the scope’s recticle can be positioned to the center of the bore sighter’s recitcle. When it is you have successfully installed the new scope

As you can see, changing out the scope of your AR15 rifle is relatively simple, and shouldn’t take too long. It can be a little tricky to get it properly aligned but once you get the hang of it, it should be relatively simple to accomplish. You just need to make sure you follow the instructions above and in the manual of your new scope, as well as being careful while removing and attaching the new scope, so you don’t damage anything.